sexual FantasiesSexual Fantasies

We all have sexual fantasies. Some of us admit to them and some of us don’t. Some of us pursue and live them and some of us don’t.

Here we will talk about a variety of different sexual fantasies. If you have any sexual fantasies you’d like to share with us or have any questions about sexual fantasies please contact us.

I think that fantasies should be kept in a filing cabinet in your mind.

The first drawer sexual fantasies are the ones that you’ll share with someone you’ve just met – something like – I’ve always wanted to have sex in my office.

In the second drawer store the sexual fantasies that you’ll only share with someone you trust – a little more risky – ‘I’d like to be blindfolded or tied up’.

And drawer three you NEVER share with anyone EVER. If you do they will think you are kinky or worse and they will appear as an allegation in the divorce papers. So teller beware!

We’re starting with Threesomes

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